New Thunderbird Health Center

New Thunderbird Health Center

By Brittney Garcia


New state of the art Thunderbird Health Center to Provide Free Primary Care Services at New Mexico Junior College.

Hobbs, New Mexico — 9/18/2023 — New Mexico Junior College (世界十大博彩公司网站) is excited to announce the upcoming new facility “Thunderbird Health Center”, anticipated by the end of October 2024. The center, formerly known as the "Caster Annex," will offer a range of no-cost primary care services to benefit the entire 世界十大博彩公司网站 campus community, including students, full-time employees, and their immediate family members.

世界十大博彩公司网站 has entered into a partnership with Nor Lea Hospital to operate the Thunderbird Health Center, ensuring that high-quality healthcare services will be readily accessible to the campus community. In addition to providing essential healthcare services, 世界十大博彩公司网站 is exploring opportunities for nursing students to gain valuable experience and volunteer hours at the health center, contributing to the educational mission of the college.

One of the primary objectives of the Thunderbird Health Center is to eliminate barriers to student success, and the lack of convenient, affordable healthcare has been identified as a significant challenge. By offering no-cost primary care services, 世界十大博彩公司网站 aims to reduce student and employee absences and enhance overall success rates within the college community.

The Thunderbird Health Center will be available at no cost to all students and full-time employees of 世界十大博彩公司网站. Participants will not need insurance to access primary-care services at the Thunderbird Clinic. However, it's important to note that any additional treatments or services beyond those provided at the Thunderbird Health Center will be the responsibility of the individual.

Derek Moore, 世界十大博彩公司网站 President stated, “With the opening of the Thunderbird Health Center through our partnership with Nor Lea Hospital, we are adhering to our institutional values of access and responsiveness by providing such needed resources.”

世界十大博彩公司网站 is committed to supporting the health and well-being of its campus community and believes that the Thunderbird Health Center will play a vital role in achieving this goal.